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Love of a Marine -- Patty Campbell
Love of a Marine

Once A Marine -- Patty Campbell
Heart of a Marine

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Several of my readers have asked me, what's coming next?

Wounded Warrior Trilogy:

Book OneHeart of a Marine is now available! Dwayne Dempsey, a wounded warrior who’s transitioned to civilian life is both dad and mom to his young daughter. His love interest, Marla Danaher, is a self sufficient big girl with a hard head and a mind of her own. Click on the BOOKS tab for more detailed information.

Book Twonow available -- Love of a Marine. Cluny McPherson, a retired warrior coping with PTSD, and Graciella Jefferson, single mom and navy SEAL widow who chooses to stand by his side through it all, even when his past lover enters the picture.

Book Three – Watch for -- Soul of a Marine. Master Sergeant, Misty Beachy, wounded in Fallujah and former wartime lover of Cluny McPherson, is retired and training sniffer dogs for Customs. She stinks at relationships and her life gets more complicated when she meets her match in Jack Hawk, A-10 Close Air Support combat pilot.

Developing these military themed romances has been a wonderful adventure. I’ve read numerous autobiographies, biographies, histories of our military, and recently – warrior canines and service dogs.

I’ve had some enlightening interviews with Wounded Warriors, men and women, both by email and in person. I have to ask – where do we find these extraordinary people? Since the dawn of our history as a nation, a special breed of men and women, have dared to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect us.

All Author proceeds from the Wounded Warrior Series will be donated to Wounded Warriors of South Florida. 

Semper Fi!